Travelling With Hotel Chengdu Wide and Narrow Alley

Travelling With Hotel Chengdu (Wide and Narrow Alley) is located in a loop in the center of Chengdu. The hotel is a regional cultural travel social hotel. Travelling with architectural style is simple but elegant, subtle and restrained, reflecting the cultural characteristics of the original features. The design of the modern fashion elements which creates a rich spiritual connotation of space atmosphere, always give you surprises. Here, you can not only enjoy fine food, taste mellow coffee or enjoy a romantic afternoon tea, but also choose a book in the plants around the bookstore, leisurely spend a full day. The hotel is only 15 minutes walk from Wide and Narrow Alley, 15 minutes from Yongling Museum. The opposite of the hotel is Chengdu Shude high school. You will forget yourself living in downtown. Around the hotel you can find New City Mall and crowded snack street, ten lane nine alley.